7 Simple Flower Arrangement Types for Different Occasions

Flowers are an important part of any sort of celebration, function or occasions. It adds up the extra joy and makes up the mood of everyone present in the function. While it’s an universal rule of using flowers in any kind of celebration or event but in India one can never imagine a day without the use of flowers. Taking this very point into consideration, cake4you has also come up with flower arrangements, designs and floral bouquet designs for every occasion celebrations. Cake4you provides 24/7 online delivery of mouth watering cakes for all occasions+ flowers for all occasions in and around Gurgaon. In this blog we will be taking you through 7 simple flower arrangement types for different occasions:-

“Almost every person, from childhood, has been touched by the untamed beauty of Flowers”

  1. Fan Shaped Flower Design: The fan shaped flower design is the most basic design available around the world plus it’s also the most widely gifted flower design around the world. This shape takes the minimum time to make and is also pocket friendly. In Gurgaon, cake4you receives the maximum floral order for this flower design. In this design there is no restrictions on which flowers can be used. The centre is mostly fixed with a flower of bigger size followed by a fan shape arrangement around it. The empty space are filled using fillers in the form of cut out leaves, buds, etc.
  2. Vertical Flower Design: Another most widely used floral arrangement throughout the world. In terms of demand and orders we at cake4you will give it the 2nd rank in Gurgaon. The arrangement is again very simple and mostly used for flower bouquets and flower basket arrangements. For best results it’s advisable to use flowers of different color in this arrangement.
  3. Horizontal Flower Arrangement: When there is a vertical setup, there will always be a horizontal setup. This setup is one of the most beautiful floral designs due to the selection of exotic flowers mostly used in this arrangement. This arrangement is mostly used in cars during Indian weddings in Gurgaon. For best results, flowers with strong fragrance or scent are used in this type of arrangement.
  4. Triangular Flower Arrangement: This arrangement is mostly made for weddings and carries one variety of flowers in the arrangement. For this arrangement to work, flowers stems are cut and trimmed with the tallest going for the centre and shortest covering the sides. In maximum of cases this arrangement is done along with red roses.
  5. Oval Flower Design: The Oval arrangement can be termed as the corporate or formal setup design. This design is mostly used to decorate tables during formal events or given as flower baskets or bouquets as welcome gifts or token of appreciation to guests. The design appears most dense and natural because of a mix of different flowers + leaves used in the arrangement.
  6. Crescent Flower Arrangement: One of the rarely used but very exotic floral design arrangements. This arrangement uses exotic and expensive flowers with fillers to take up the extra space and add a shinning design to the already beautiful arrangement. The centre of this design is dominated by a colorful big flower with the sides holding on to other small flowers. In Gurgaon cake4you receives this order during wedding seasons or for anniversary flowers bouquets.
  7. ‘S’ shaped flower design: Another design just as exotic as the crescent flower arrangement. This arrangement is mostly used in flower vases in hotels and resorts apart from being used during celebrations and events. This arrangement mostly consists of a wide range of flowers in different colors, shapes and size along with fillers in the form of leaves and other green add ons. This arrangement is the largest of its kind design from the list of 6 arrangements mentioned in the blog. Takes times to make but good things do take time and this is what can give the required physical beauty to any event or celebration.

The list of flower arrangements and design doesn’t end with the above 7 mentioned designs. But the above 7 design arrangements are mostly used and easy to make design for any sort of function or event. We at cake4you specialize in cakes for any occasion along with floral arrangements for occasions. We provide 24/7 online order and delivery for cakes and flowers in and around Gurgaon.

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