Interesting Facts About Cakes

Interesting Facts About Cakes You Must Know

Cakes have evolved from just vanilla and chocolate to many more flavors in the current times. Baking is surely an art but are you aware how this art got discovered and how people started diversifying into many flavors? The story is as amazing as the taste of a beautifully and perfectly baked cake. Being experts in the business of cake making, we at Cakeforyou bring out some of the amazing, unknown and interesting facts about cakes.

Interesting | Unknown | Amazing Facts about Cakes

The Nomenclature- While many of the known got their name from the Greek work or Sanskrit word, cake actually is German and got its name from the German work Kaka, which eventually was reformed into Cake in English.

Making of The 1st Cake- In ancient times the concept of cake was first initiated by the Romans. Unlike the cakes in modern times, they were just a simple piece of softened basic bread where honey was used as a sweetener instead of sugar.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day- That’s right cake and birthdays go hand in hand. Even the concept of blowing out candles on cakes during birthdays was done because of people believed the smoke would take your wish to the God and the cake was offered to the Goddess of Moon. Although the belief has not been passed on to the current generation but the practice has surly evolved.

Anyone Loves Red Velvet?– Yes you heart it right its red velvet and the story behind the spread of its recipe is as amazing as its taste. Once a lady tried the flavor in a restaurant and was quite fascinated with it. She asked for the recipe but much to her amazement, the hotel demanded $100 for the same. Out of revenge she paid $100 and made the recipe public within minutes.

Cake Played the Role of a Cupid- In ancient America, people believed that keeping a fruit cake under the pillow would get you a good looking husband. May be its true and you can give it a try and try your luck.

Now we have Lungi Dance then there was a Cake Dance- 21st century is famous for cat walk while in the ancient times we had cake walk or some called it as cake dance. This was specially celebrated by the African-American community and whoever had the best cakewalk was presented with a cake. May be to keep it under the pillow and get a good husband.

Tallest Cake Award Goes to- Award for the tallest cake goes to students and staff members of school based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The cake stood at a height of 108 FT and 3”.

A Swayamvar using Cake- Some parts of the world’s largest economy, i.e USA followed the tradition of selecting the next girl to get married by pulling out a ribbon from a bouquet. From the lot, one ribbon is attached to the charm and the lucky one gets hitched next.

Lucky us- In ancient times cake and the art of baking was limited to very few cities and handful could afford it. But thanks to advancement of technology+ e-commerce now we can get cakes delivered at click of a button. For all sorts of cake delivery in and around Gurgaon visit cakeforyou.

The Cake Show Off- Yes you heard it right people in ancient times were judged based on the size of the cake they bring to the wedding they attended as a guest. Bigger the size

Might sound weird but these are some of the interesting and amazing facts about Cakes. So next time someone says you Baking is an art, you should never debate but rather share these amazing facts with him/her to support his view.

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