Make Your Cake Spongy, Fluffy & Moist

How to Make Your Cake Spongy, Fluffy & Moist?

Are you one of those who loves baking or planning to start a cake shop? We sincerely believe by now you must have realized that Baking is not just a hobby or profession or making the right kind of cake is an art. We at Cakeforyou have mastered this art of baking over years and would love to share some master tips in Bakinglogy for our respected readers and buyers. All cakes at Cakeforyou come out of the oven Spongy, Fluffy & Moist and there is no single cake that doesn’t meet the said criteria.

Things to Keep in Mind to make Cakes Spongy | Fluffy | Moist 

Perfect Temperature gives you the Best Bakes- Along with the right baking temperature, it’s also important that ingredients to be used for the cake are all set in room temperature before being used. Further butter that is to be used in the baking process should be warm. All this factors combining ensure that the output is a Spongy Cake.

Handle the Flour with Extreme Care- While we are used to handling the wheat for chapatis with all the force and energy possible but in case of a cake, folding process of the flour needs to be handled with care (recommended to use figure 8 motion). This handle with care approach ensures the bubbles which are necessary to make the cake super spongy are not compromised.

Why not Try Buttermilk?-Buttermilk with a pinch of baking soda is a deadly combination without any confusion. Due to the high acidic content in buttermilk your baked output would come out softer because of breakdown of gluten in flour.

There is Flour then there is Cake Flour- In market you will get 2 kinds of flour that can be used for the baking process. For best results always go for a cake flour. It has cornstarch mixed in it that makes the cake spongy and soft.

Handle the Eggs Carefully- While making the egg batter ensure you go smooth with it. While adding the eggs to the butter sugar mixture, add 1/3rd mix it well and then add another lot. Don’t add the entire lot of eggs at one go and start mixing them.

Go for Sifting not Shifting- Yes you heard it right go for sifting in order to make it lighter and give it some air. Super bakers always recommend to sift the baking soda from flour to ensure a fluffy cake.

Got Diabetics? But Sugar Syrup is required- Thinking of storing or frosting the cake? Then sugar syrup can help you to make your cake remain spongy, fluffy & moist. All you need to do is add sugar syrup on cake slices before starting frosting.

There is a Time for Everything & Patience holds the Key- Last minute touches and one wrong step can make your cake process go all wrong. One of the most important steps to ensure a spongy, fluffy & moist cake is to allow the cake to set and cool itself before the process of frosting or slicing.

Creaming till its Pale Yellow- Whisking of butter and sugar together till the color of the mixture turns pale yellow is called as the process of Creaming. The incorporation of air into the mixture make the cake spongy and fluffy.

It’s all yellow and less of Whites- While adding eggs for a cake ensure you use less of egg whites and more of egg yolks. Egg whites are known for drying and would suck out all the moisture of the cake.

Last But not the least have patience and passion for Baking because as we said Baking is an Art.

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