11 Most Delicious Non-Indian Desserts in the World

When it comes to sweet dish, Indians can never be left behind. Some of the world’s yummiest desserts and sweet dishes origin from India or were brought by the Mughals and Invaders which later became most popular in the Indian subcontinent. We Indians are definitely known for having a sweet tooth but that doesn’t leave other countries behind. In this blog we will explore the 10 Most Delicious Non-Indian desserts in the world.

  1. Crème Brûlée: A favorite of the French people, this French dessert has a creamy custard top with a layer of crispy and hard caramel that is brown in color due to excessive heating. Looks like a well brewed coffee but looks can be deceptive.
  2. Tiramisu: Well this one desserts is also famous and loved by many Indians. This Italian dessert is a coffee flavored soft cake which means just pick me up or cheer me up. To get the best taste, this cake is mostly made using egg.
  3. American Apple Pie: The name might be American Apple pie but it’s loved by everyone. The pie has a flaky crust with chunks of apple pieces. Best served with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or even cheddar cheese.
  4. Baklava: When it comes to Food, Turkey is always amongst the favorite destinations in the world. This Turkish desserts consists of phyllo dough layered with all sorts of chopped nuts. Guess what it doesn’t stop there its served with a syrup or honey to ensure the squares hold together.
  5. Gelato: When you hear Gelato it means Ice cream a form of Italian ice cream. Unlike its American counterparts, Gelato ice creams are more flavored, soft and also come with cakes. Gelato Ice creams also come in wide variety of flavors including raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, rum etc.
  6. Picarones: Leaving behind Europe we travel all the way to Latin America. This Peruvian doughnut is combination of deep fried sweet potato, flavored syrup or squash, sugar, yeast and anise.
  7. Syrniki: A kind of pancake which every Russian loves. Syrniki is made out of Quark, a fresh dairy product made from cheese with the same texture as that of sour cream. The buck doesn’t stop here, the pancakes are then fried and served with Jam, apples sauce, sour cream & honey.
  8. Tarta De Santiago: Now Spanish. This is an Almond Savory. If we talk about its origins then we would be covering the entire European history. This originated in the northwest of Spain.
  9. Mochi: In India the meaning might be different but for Japanese, it means dessert. In Japan Mochi means a glutinous rice that is made into a round shape paste. Served with a small scoop of ice cream, the dessert is mostly eaten in Japan during the celebrations of Japanese New Year.
  10. Pastelitos: To celebrate their Independence Day the Argentinians have a special dessert. Pastelitos are flaky pastries with a core filled with deep fried sweet potato. At the end garnished with dusting of sprinklers.
  11. Banoffe Pie: Let’s end the sweet list with the Royal Kingdom of UK. Made of banana, cream, toffee, at times chocolate & coffee this Pie is England’s answer to America’s Apple Pie not American Pie.

Whatever it is Hot Gajar ka Halwa with dry fruits toppings is always the best emotion for every Indians after a heavy meal.

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