7 Easy Mug Cake Recipes to try at Home

For the sweet tooth and midnight cravings, mug cupcakes are enough. It requires minimum ingredients and basic techniques to make one which will surely blow your mind.

If you love cakes and have no time to mix and make more batter, then all you can do is bake the small portions in a cup and relish the delicacy with a happy and energetic heart as it barely makes you tired.

Let’s see some amazing mug cake recipes.

  1. Sponge mug cake

If you love your cake soft, fluffy and melting in mouth then this is the right recipe. The cake is made of almond extracts, vanilla beans and eggs that give it’s a fluff texture. The cake is quick to bake and can be enjoyed with whipped cream and candied berries on top of it. You can also customize the topping and add chocolates.

Sponge mug cake recipe

  1. Coffee mug cake

Who doesn’t love a coffee cake? The easy coffee mug cake can be baked in just 5 to 6 minutes and there you go, enjoy one of the best evening tea cake. It needs coffee powder, milk, flour and castor sugar. The easy mix and bake cake is best eaten with a cup of coffee or tea.

Coffee mug cake recipe

  1. Strawberry and cream cake

the easy bake cake is made with the love of strawberry and coconut cream. The texture is rare and mind blowing. The crunch of nuts, sweet and sour strawberry pulp and cream of coconut blend it to form a heavenly dessert which you can eat anytime you feel like.

Strawberry and cream cake recipe

  1. Carrot mug cake

Be it the Christmas or the ester, Carrot cakes are love all the time. Baking a carrot mug cake is not just less time consuming and tiring but also great in taste and looks. The cake requires minced carrots, flour, vanilla flavoring, milk and castor sugar in a mug that goes into baking oven for 5 minutes and tadahh! You get to eat the world’s amazing carrot mug cake.

Carrot mug cake recipe

  1. Chocolate mug cakes

We can never miss the chocolate when discussing cakes. Chocolate chips, some coco powder with sugar and milk makes the right basic cup cake. You can never have just one so make sure you bake a lot of it to enjoy. The warm chocolate with chunks of chocolate makes it a dreamy affair.

Chocolate mug cakes recipe

  1. Pumpkin Mug cake

Life is better with the pumpkin cakes. They smell the sweetest and taste the most exotic. Pumpkin cake is made without egg so if you do not like eggs in your desert you can try this for sure. The cake has a rich texture and easy to bake as well. Topping it with some fresh whipped cream and chopped pistachio can win you the whole idea.

Pumpkin Mug cake recipe

  1. Apple pie mug cake

Apple pies are the traditional classic which you simply can’t ignore. Here is the most classic mug cake which is based on the combination of apples, cinnamon and cream. The roll cake is easy and quick to bake and has the finest texture too. The cake is flavourful and full of surprises too. Make sure you try this at least once to understand how soul filling it is.

Apple pie mug cake recipe

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