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10 Best Strawberry Cakes to Celebrate Your Birthday

Strawberries are one of the world’s favorite and popular fruits, full of anti-oxidants, flavour, best of the scents and taste. The fruit has been blended into world class chocolates, ice creams and cakes that people of all age love fondly.

In this blog we will discuss about one of the most tempting flavourful cakes in the world, the Strawberry cakes.

Let me take you back to the days when home-made cakes were everything that was required to comfort children, please elders and make the best out of gatherings.

The strawberry cream, cheese filled, vanilla topped options have been a hit everywhere but there are yet many other gems of strawberry cakes. Cakes can never go out of fashion but creating a fusion, experimenting flavours is definitely the key to successful baking.

Is it the birthday time?

Are you looking ahead towards impressing all your guests with the best ever strawberry cake?

Then here you are, reading just the right blog.

Here I have listed some of the most amazing, soft, moist, flavourful and interesting strawberry cakes to celebrate a birthday.

List of 10 best strawberry cakes for the birthday celebration

  1. Cornmeal strawberry cake

It is the juiciest, fresh and balanced cake one can have for their birthday celebration. The corn meal strawberry cakes are slightly sweet because of maple syrup or honey used in it which complement the savoury side of the cornmeal.

The cake has an amazing texture which is crumbly and soft together. It melts in mouth while the strawberry flavour adds to the overall aura of the cake.

It is definitely a must try cake at celebrations and get-togethers. Moreover, children can’t simply resist the taste of this cake.

  1. Strawberry upside down cake

You must have come across these cakes with yellow base and glazed strawberry toping while crossing your favourite bakeries. This strawberry upside down cakes are moist and best for birthday celebrations.

The upside down cakes are innovative and fun to look at while being too tasty. It is easy to bake and involves simple ingredients that can be easily sourced from market.

  1. Strawberry coffee cake

Two most loved flavours coming together is nothing less than any pleasant surprise. The strawberry coffee cake is one of the loved cakes for birthday celebration because of its flavourful taste and amazing combination.

The mild berry flavoured sauce between the layers of the coffee cake is a winner anytime. This cake is a must try with freshly whipped cream or coconut sauce on top for decoration.

  1. Strawberry cream cheese pound cake

It is the most delightful strawberry variety in cakes because of the soft, moist and slightly sweet cream cheese that goes with the strawberry cake. The cake is tangy, slightly sweet and absolutely mind blowing. Cream cheese works best with the cake as it adds to the overall taste and texture of the cake. It has lesser sugar in it as the naturally sweet strawberries manage the show thus making it good for health conscious people too.

  1. Strawberry torte

These cakes are known for their fluffy texture and fresh decorated strawberry. It is a traditional dessert cake that is made with three main secret ingredients that are Fiori Di Sicilia- a vanilla bean extract, citrus and floral essence. This Italian dessert cake is known for its flavourful taste and distinct aroma.

You can trust this cake anytime and specially for birthday celebrations because it is worth the effort and will be loved by all.

  1. Strawberry and cinnamon dump cake

When you hear the name “dump” cake it might sound a little less appetizing but here it means all in one pan ingredients. Thus, Strawberry and cinnamon dump cakes are a hit. They are easy to bake, decorate and taste heavenly.

Cinnamon is the universal flavour that would simply lift the mood anytime and anywhere. The cake with its unique taste, soft texture and flavourful layers is just the bets cake for birthday celebrations.

  1. Strawberry buckle cake

This classic cake recipe has ancient roots and is one of the oldest types of the basic cakes. The buckle cake has simple cake mix batter poured onto the baking tray with fresh cut strawberries that melt while the buckle bakes.

The berries form a sweet, tangy, soft and jelly like pool of sauce with the bakes cake in it. The overall cake is one of the tastiest cake for birthday celebrations and is definitely a must try for all. It has a crispy and slightly soft textured cake on top that is covered by the custard like fruit dip below it.

The recipe is as simple as its flavours and taste that would please people of any age and group.

  1. Strawberry marshmallow cake

Searching for that perfect birthday cake for your children?

Well, Strawberry marshmallow cakes are definitely the one because they are super soft, beautiful and tasty.

The strawberry flavoured base of the cake has a crumble like moist texture that sits well with the mixed marshmallows in it.

The cake is denser and the marshmallows make it look more pretty and tempting.

  1. Strawberry poke cake

Creative yet the yummiest ever strawberry cake. The strawberry poke cake is easy and fun to bake as all it takes is poking holes in baked strawberry cake and fill it with condensed milk or jelly powder and hot water.

The end product is very attractive and looks more appealing thus can be the best option for birthday celebrations.

This cake is a must try for all.

  1. Strawberry vanilla classic cake

The basic strawberry and vanilla cake can beat every other cake here because it is simple and elegant. Strawberry flavoured base of the cake goes well with the strawberry fillings and icing.

Moreover, these cakes can be decorated in variety of ways as per the birthday celebration needs.

The vanilla essence in cake added from the vanilla pods make it smell more tempting and yummy. These cakes are readily available at any bakery but the home made cakes are the real delicacies.

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