Valentine Day Cakes and cupcakes

10 Best Valentine Day Cakes and Cupcakes for your Partner

The festival of love is here! It’s that time of the year when we all would love to surprise our beloved. Valentine’s day is to celebrate love and lovers make sure they make it a memorable day for each other.

This festival day is celebrated with chocolates, flowers, soft toys and more. A complete week is designed with particular theme to each of these days where everyone makes merry and ensures happiness around all.

Right from the chocolate day, flower day to hug and kisses day, lovers enjoy good food along with each other warm company. Here cakes play an important role by being the best dessert on the happy occasion.

Cupcakes are cute while normal cakes are a lot desirable. We have barely seen people say a no to a fig almond cake ever.

February 14th is the day when we all enjoy some baking, caking and icing for our loved ones and family because this is the right day to experiment with the bake recipe.

Let me help you with some best Valentine’s day cake and cupcake ideas so that you can make the most of the day and impress your valentine.

Best valentine’s day cakes and cupcakes

  1. Strawberry cheesecake stuffed cupcakes

Surprise elements all over!

It’s the day of love and what can be more pleasing than a classic strawberry cupcake stuffed with some delicious cheesecake.

These mini treats can be topped with whip cream or simple strawberry icing along with some planted strawberry slices on top.

The cupcake is easy to bake and takes lesser time too but the filling inside is the real bomb that will surely blow away your partners mind.

  1. Rhubarb and almond upside down cake

Unique, tangy, sweet, fresh and everything complimenting each other is the Rhubarb and almond cake. It has soft pink velvet like glossy top on the cake that is baked with the Rhubarb in moulds.

The cake is a great combination of the tanginess & tart like texture of the Rhubarb plant along with sweetness from sugar. This cake is a must select on Valentine’s day because nothing can beat the simple yet amazing cake recipe.

  1. Moscato cupcakes

Day of love and no wine? Sounds weird. Right?

Well these little cute wine infused cupcakes are everything you can wish for on your valentine’s day date. The cupcake is baked easily and wine flavoured filling are mixed with the base to make one of the super lovely cupcake.

It will definitely add that right tune to your love story and help make the day memorable.

  1. Oreogasm cupcakes

Yeah, you thinking right.

A cupcake that can activate your orgasmic intelligence. The poke cake with oreo cookies is easy to make as all it need is a cake base of choice, chocolate most preferably that will be poked and poured with required complimenting flavour with oreo.

These cupcakes are loved by all aged people and can serve as the most suitable cake for the valentine’s day surprise.

  1. Chocolate strawberry cheesecakes

Imagine indulging in this finest chocolate base cake with best strawberry cheesecake filling. Not just they look attractive but they also taste heavenly and everyone must try this on Valentine’s day.

The chocolate and strawberry combination is already very fine and is a much loved flavour mix hence, this recipe is a winner on the Valentine’s day.

Wait no more and bake her or him the best ever cake you did.

  1. Chocolate meringue layer cake

The extraordinary dessert is made of crisp bitter chocolate, soft airy meringue layers with fruits & nuts. The cake is layered with whipped cream and cake base that makes the cake drool worthy.

On valentine’s day nothing can be more beautiful than baking that amazing cake which they would appreciate and love to eat.

  1. Rose petals cupcakes

These are some of the most suitable cake ideas on valentine’s day because it combines rose along with dessert which are two most important and integral part of the day.

Sugar coating rose petals adds to the taste and charm of the overall cake. These cupcakes are easy and quick to make but taste best too. On this valentine’s day make sure you try these cakes because they are so worth all the effort and are tasty above everything.

Now you don’t need to take the flower bouquet separately as everything is merged and looks and tastes better too.

So even if you are doubtful about the new cake flavour do give it a try as that will vanish all your queries regarding cake on the love day.

  1. Pink Champagne cakes

This is a new type of cake flavour which has the sweetness of the vanilla infused cake base along with the tanginess of champagne. The cake is made with fancy champagne but tastes normal than most dessert and this is a cake for after dinner for sure.

The champagne cake is unique and very few people gift it so if you plan on baking a cake then do try making a fine one like the champagne cake varieties.

  1. Lemon honey cupcakes

The basic cake recipe is readily available at good bakeries and cook books. As we have watched many episodes of nigella Lawson baking amazing cupcakes and dessert, lemon honey deserves a place too.

The fresh lemon flavour adding to the sweetness of honey is the blockbuster here.

Even though it is a very simple recipe, it wins heart anytime and anywhere.

  1. PB & J cupcakes

The peanut butter and jelly cupcakes have tastes a slightly enhanced from our decent PB&J sandwiches.

The peanut butter infused cake has special jelly topping which adds to the texture and taste as well.

The cake is easy to bake and loved by most people therefore, the PB &J cakes keeps us safe from all sides.

This cake is a hit among children yet on valentine’s day this would work wonders.

There are several other cakes that need to be discussed placed here but that we can save for later time and work on these first. Hence, make sure you stay tuned with this blog for more updates.

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