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Top 12 Delicious Ice Cream Cakes Recipes & Ideas that you should try

As the summer sets in slowly, Ice cream cakes are back with the bang. Who would not love to devour delicious ice cream cakes while beating the heat?

If you think ice cream cakes are only for your baby’s birthday, then maybe I will disagree with you here. It is for everyone and these cakes are super yummy to stop at just a piece.

With thousands of chefs trying out millions of experiments, ice cream cakes are the new stunners in all parties. Right from attractive decorations to ultimate taste combinations, they have got all covered.

While the traditional cake recipes win hearts there are these ice cream cake recipes which will save your day at the party or during a sudden visit of guests at home.

Let us have a look at some amazing ice cream cake recipes and ideas that you must try and get inspired to bake as well.

1. Kit-Kat bar ice cream cake

This no bake special Kit-Kat based ice cream cake is a total winner. The cake is made of vanilla ice cream melted at room temperature layered over loose kit-kat pieces and HERSHEY’s hard chocolate shell covering. It has a great texture with the wafers of the chocolate and the softened ice cream layers. Do try this to enjoy genuine ice cream cakes.

2. Triple layer chocolate fudge ice cream cake

Chocolate fudge cake, vanilla sponge cake and cookie crumbs. These three simple ingredients create one of the most amazing dessert in the world. Triple layer choco fudge ice cream cake is crunchy, smooth and fine in texture. Anybody would fall in love with these combinations in different propositions. It is a must try cake for anyone who loves ice cream cakes with chocolate.

3. Peanut butter s’mores ice cream cake

Nothing can beat the taste that comes up when peanut butter teams up with gooey roasted marshmallows (S’mores) and crackers in an ice cream texture. The recipe is basic but totally impresses anyone. The layers with peanut butter, fudge chocolate sauce, soft marshmallow puddles over melted ice cream makes the classic cake a mind blowing option at all types of party.

4. Frozen Raspberry ice cream cake

Ever wondered how would it be when you top Oreo cookie bases with cold smooth vanilla ice cream, frozen fresh Raspberry pieces with whipped cream. The combination is one of the best experiment that you can rely upon. This no bake dessert takes barely much time to prepare and you can make it in advance for your parties.

5. Brownie baked Alaska

Imagine fudgy brownies topped with mint chocolate ice cream layers and toasted marshmallow meringues. The Brownie baked Alaska ice cream cake is a beautifully crafted dessert that would leave you wanting for more. this recipe can be used in the summer afternoons or for evening hi-tea parties at home.

6. No-churn lemon ice cream cake

This is a palate cleansing ice cream cake that will tell you how gorgeous the simple lemon can be for foodies and dessert lovers. The no-churn lemon ice cream cake involves simple ingredients such as melted butter, whipping cream, condensed milk, lemon zest and its juice. This recipe will surely leave you in need of some more because of its fresh taste and simple yet filling appearance.

7. Blackberry blackout ice cream cake

Blackberry and chocolate have a long and old love story. Both the flavours are complimenting and taste great together. The blackberry blackout is made of chocolate cake base topped with amazing blackberry ice cream layer that provides the smoothest texture ever to the ice cream cake. The cake is given its finishing touch with chocolate shavings and blackberry fruits on the top.

8. Biscoff crunch ice cream cake

Some Biscoff spread also called the cookie butter along with the rice krispies cereal and vanilla ice cream makes the best ever ice cream cake. The cake is rich in its texture where the biscoff spread provides soft & smooth layering to the crunchy rice cereals that blend well with ice cream melted at room temperature. The cake is frozen till it is served and thus is one of the most loved ice cream cake recipes ever.

9. Strawberry shortcake ice cream cake

Strawberry shortcake ice cream cake is the easiest of all recipes but the yummiest one too. The cake is made of basic pound cake base sliced into equal parts and coated or layered with strawberry cream. Crushed strawberry cookies and wafers along with chunks of the flavoured candy is added to the base and completed with the end layering. The cake is kept in freezer for proper setting and then served at the tea party.

10. Red velvet ice cream cake

While we discuss cakes it is impossible to not mention the red velvet that has always won hearts. The cake is simple to make as its requires good quality properly baked red velvet sponge cakes that will be layered with smooth and textured cheese cake. The layers are complimented with ice cream coats on top that gives a new look and feel to the basic cake.

11. Salted caramel brownie ice cream cake

Brownies are love! Now add the flowy and right consistent salted caramel over the fudgy and gooey brownies along with chopped truffles, premium ice cream, and smoothened whipped cream. The brilliant combination makes the dessert absolutely drool worthy and tasty. The ice cream cake is a blend of the best combinations till now and they are the salted caramel, chopped chocolate truffles and ice cream of choice.

12. Tiramisu ice cream cake

The no bake Italian dessert ice cream cake is the new favourite. With layers of the tiramisu that includes Espresso-Marsala syrup soaked savoiardi biscuits and the freshly made mascarpone ice cream, this cake recipe is a good one on special occasions. The tiramisu being the popular dessert that it has always remained gets a twisted version of itself in the form of ice cream cakes. When in doubt do not forget the tiramisu ice cream cake.

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