Best Christmas Cake Ideas

Best Delicious Christmas Cake Ideas to Celebrate the festival

It’s the most exciting time of the year, Christmas is around and no one can stay calm for sure. Thanks to all the Christmas cake recipes that keep you baking and trying new tastes and flavours.

This old tradition of Christmas and cake has helped people explore some fine flavourful combinations that they can serve on the festival. Right from basic vanilla sponge cakes to plum & wine cakes, this festival brings together all of it.

It is that time when your kitchen smells the sweetest and most tempting due to baking and cooking activities that go on regularly. The festival would definitely give you the opportunity to try hands on some fine cookies, chocolates and cakes along with classic wines and much more. It is when guests arrive at your place and you would look ahead to cook the best dishes for them thus making the meal memorable and worth all the praise.

Cakes are the integral part of the festival and it is easy to bake one too.

Here are few best Christmas cakes ideas and recipes that you can try out in order to add more spark to your party and get together.

Best Christmas cake ideas for celebration

  1. Pink peppermint cake

This is one of the fluffiest and tasty cake that has soft vanilla marshmallow like base cake with clouds of soft peppermint cream with pink meringues. The dreamy cake melts in mouth and perfect from all angles for the Christmas cocktail party.

It slightly brings out the cheesecake flavour that compliments the peppermint flavour and makes it more innovative in taste.

The cake is one of its kind and will impress people from all age too.

  1. Praline layer cake

It is Christmas and who would miss out the lovely sweet and salty pralines. The praline layer cake is basically the simple vanilla sponge cake that get layered with salty caramel coated sweet peanuts that gets coated with tangy cream cheese icing. This cake is delicious and one can never miss having it twice or more in the feast. It tastes authentic when made with homemade pralines using toasted peanuts and caramel. Do try this cake this winter for some change in flavour and taste.

  1. Upside down pear gingerbread cake

It is one nicely spiced and sweetened Christmas cake that one can never resist this Christmas. The cake is baked by adding cinnamon, ginger and plenty of butter to juicy pears that go on nicely bakes gingerbread cake base which is complimented with dollops of freshly whipped cream. The combination is rare and fabulous which can be baked easily. For a winter festival nothing can be more refreshing than this cake which comes with slight spiciness of ginger & seasons best spices along with sweetness of the fruit and cream.

  1. Eggnog cake

This fine cake is a wonderful combination of flavoured base as well as frosting. The buttercream vanilla cake is made with flavouring of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla beans which is mixed with eggnog. When we bake cakes we usually add milk to it but eggnog is the right amalgamation of milk, sugar, cream, egg whites and yolks that give a creamy texture to the cake. It somewhere has a flavour of melting milkshake with right amount of spice. This is a must try cake this Christmas.

  1. Red velvet cake

This classic and traditional cake is baked with vinegar and buttermilk along with red food colouring that bring the taste and colour. The cake is loved by all mostly because of the tangy and sweet layers made of cream cheese and vanilla.

The cream cheese fill in between the spongy cake base made it moist, creamy, light and soft in texture. Certain red velvet Christmas cakes are baked only with the food colouring which is not enough and imparts a normal flavour to the cake unlike when baked with vinegar and buttermilk.

  1. Cranberry orange spice cake

The orange ginger bread cake with tart cranberries is the blockbuster cake variety this season. Winters with cold chilly wind will make you want to have the subtle spiced and seasoned cake like this cranberry orange spice cake. Grounded cloves and cinnamon add flavour to the cake and make it more desirable this Christmas.

  1. Candy cane crunch cake

This moist peppermint flavoured chocolate cake topped with candy cane Swiss meringue buttercream is a great cake for Christmas. The soft textured cake goes well with dark chocolate glaze on top of the whipped cream. The candy cane crunch adds extra flavour and makes the cake slightly crunchy that compliments the soft cake base.

  1. Candied pretzel cake

The sweet and salty delight is one of the finest cakes for the Christmas season. It is decorated with trimmed pretzels dipped in melted candy and blue white sandy sugar. The candied pretzel cake has a chocolate chip base in the cake that adds to the flavours of the candied pretzels. This cake should make it to your Christmas cakes list because it is a very rare flavour and is easy to bake too.

  1. Chocolate coconut winter wonderland cake

This variety is tastier than it looks. The basic chocolate cake with coconut layers and frosting topped with poky stick and melted chocolate sprinkled pine trees is love this Christmas. It is easy to bake and makes one of the most beautiful cakes. The decadent chocolate cake is soft spongy and blend well with the coconut flavouring outside. It gives a taste like our favourite bounty chocolate and that will make you drool this Christmas.

  1. Ferrero Rocher cake

The popular chocolate has a cake of its flavour too. A hazelnut sponge cake with its layers filled with Nutella buttercream, crunch, wafers and nuts is heavenly. This cake consists of the chocolate balls arranged on it to add to the overall taste and look. It is a delicious cake that has one of the best textures and is most loved by children. The Rocher cake is easy to bake with some easy to source ingredients. This Christmas do not miss the chance to treat yourself with this masterpiece cake that will leave you wanting for more.

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